About Fidget Spinners

What are Fidget Spinners

The Fidget Spinner is 2017’s hit toy, and it’s become so trendy it threatens to unseat the Rubik’s Cube as the world’s most popular toy.

Basically, a fidget spinner is a bearing-based toy that is believed to relieve stress and help with fidgeting. A user can rotate the device between their fingers. The toy’s momentum provides a quite pleasing sensory experience, whereas the challenge of transferring, tossing, and twirling the spinner has inspired an entire school of instructional videos on YouTube.

Fidget spinners are available in all types, styles, and varieties. Some have a single bearing at the center, while others have one center bearing and 3 other bearings. Others have up to 7 different bearings, or even more.

Meet the Woman Who Invented Fidget Spinners

Catherine Hettinger, a trained chemical engineer from Orlando, has been credited by mainstream media as being the person who invented fidget spinners. Apparently, Catherine was visiting her sister in Israel when she heard about young boys who were throwing rocks at cops while people just walked past. Her inventor's brain kicked into overdrive, and before long, she had an idea of a beautiful toy that could distract the young children.

This was more than two decades long before fidget spinners became wildly popular. Catherine, now in her 60s, has said that the first fidget debuted in 1993. Her patent was registered four years later, and she sold a few thousand devices at fairs. She even tried selling them to companies that made toys. After the patent was registered, Catherine organized a meeting with Hasbro (one of the biggest toy makers worldwide) and used the fidget spinner to cool down while waiting to meet the company’s VP. Catherine’s patent on the fidget spinner expired in 2005 when she didn’t pay the patent renewal fee.

How Fidget Spinners are Made

Fidget spinners are used from different materials. Some of the earlier ones to hit the market were 3D printed. Other are designed with ceramic bearings and plastic parts. More lately, manufacturers have graduated to metal or metal alloy fidget spinners, which happen to be more durable and longer spinning. In all the cases, fidget spinners are designed bearings. The number of bearings might vary from one product to the other, but the concept remains the same.

how spinners are made

At their pick (actually a few months ago) fidget spinners were one of the best-selling toys around the world. This led to increased demand around the world, and manufacturers worked overtime to meet this demand. Currently, the demand has normalized and the craze has died, leading to a normalized sales situation.

How to Use a Fidget Spinner

Typically, you can use a fidget spinner by holding it between your thumb and index finger, then using any other finger (or even the other hand) to spin it. Another common way to use a fidget spinner is to pin it down to a table by holding the center cap using the index finger, then use any other finger to spin it. As fidget spinners have become more widespread and more fancy, quick-thinking youngsters have come up with new tricks to enjoy this toy. There are lots of YouTube videos demonstrating some of the more advanced fidget spinner tricks that people are trying right now.

There’s no limit to how you can use your fidget spinner, or where you can use it. You can try as many different moves or tricks as possible, and use it at home, school, office, or business premise. It’s all up to you.

Benefits of Fidget Spinners

Catherine Hettinger, the inventor of fidget spinners, has acknowledged that she’s used her creation to ease her nerves. Some of the more popular benefits of fidget spinners are:

  • Expel Nervous Energy – when people are nervous, they make subconscious movements such as pacing, biting nails, tapping, or even snacking mindlessly. Spinners give your hand something constructive to do whenever you’re a little edgy, this expelling the nervous energy.
  • Decrease Anxiety – any tension that you have while talking to people or doing just about anything can be redirected to a fidget spinner, with calming results.
  • Restore Control – when people are in high pressure situations (such as social events) that lead to anxiety, fidget spinners can be used to restore some of the control back. Thus, a fidget spinner can be used as a tool to empower people and give them more confidence and security when they’re in those seemingly ‘out of control’ situations.
  • Calming Visual Stimulation – fidget spinners are calming to the human eye, mostly because their direction and speed is predictable. Rules of psychology dictate that when things feel to be spinning out of control, people find security in reliable, predictable objects.
  • Initiate Conversations – fidget spinners are the most popular (and most fun to use) play toy in 2017. The use of fidget spinners helps foster conversations in schools, workplaces, and all sorts of locations. For instance, kids who are curious about fidget toys will strike up conversations about them.
  • Increase Focus – fidget spinners occupy the distractible part of the mind, leaving you to focus on mental tasks undistracted. Try playing around with a fidget spinner while you rack your brain about something.

Who Can Benefit from Fidget Spinners

Kids of adults who suffer from the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • PTSD
  • Autism
  • Aspergers
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Difficulty Focusing
  • Social Anxiety
  • Shyness

In addition, fidget spinners have proved to be one of the most popular decompression tools. Forbes magazine has referred to fidget spinners as ‘2017 must-have office toy’. It can help you calm down, release the pressure and re-energize after spending some time working. A lot of other people just use fidget spinners as a fun pass-time toy.

Fidget Spinner Safety

There have been some media reports about mercury and lead poisoning caused by fidget spinners. This poisoning has been reported to be caused by batteries found especially in LED fidget spinners.

At ZekPro, all our spinners are made via 100% safe production practices and techniques. None of our spinners contain harmful chemicals or substances. Importantly, our battery based LED spinners are lead-free and do not contain mercury.

ZekPro is a trusted brand that puts the safety and satisfaction of its customers above anything else. If you’d like to find out more about fidget spinners, or any other product from ZekPro, simply get in touch with us via support@zekpro.com.