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When you join up as an affiliate, we assign a unique affiliate link just for you. This link will be used to track all referrals from your website, social media accounts, or blog.

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Through our newsletter, you can keep updated with the latest news, products, and promotions from us.

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There are no costs or fees to be a Zekpro affiliate. Whenever your social media followers, blog readers or friends buy something from us using your unique affiliate link, you get paid. Affiliate payouts are made after every two weeks.

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 As a member of one of the leading fidget spinner brands in the market today, you will earn 40% on every sale. We do not take any deductions from your commission, so you keep 100% of it.

Great Affiliate Support Team

Our professional affiliate support team will provide professional advice for beginners, as well as help you out whenever you’re stuck with anything.

Note: We do not tolerate affiliate partners that peddle offensive or explicit content.